My Colour/Color/Kuhl-er

Been drawing with the children. Not the time nor the space to get into anything too rigorious. A playful look at interesting imagery and using the same tools as THEM (children). A relaxing change of pace and a good tool sharpener as I begin work on the follow up to ‘Cosmic Dawn (2018).

When I said playful, i meant it. From horrid politic satire to low bro testimonials to those who inspire me (SEE BELOW). The idea of sharing these colour images is not without it’s own barriers. The Instagram culture demands a type of flawlessness, a idealistic presentation that my ‘main’ practise can deliver. However, these recent scrawls fall under another category. It’s the type of drawing I would scrunch up and RECYCLE after completion. A re-adjustment of ego has occurred where I feel comfortable to share such potential tripe. Not only was there a shared gratification in making but I can appreciate that, perhaps all art no matter the judgement is an expression of someone’s humanity and at the very least deserves a quick 3-5 second swipe.

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